Truth about How Women View Sex

In this post you are going to discover the truth behind how women view sex. The problem is internet is full of crap information and it is very difficult for a common individual to find out what his girlfriend thinks about sex.

In this post I am going to show you things that women know sometime subconsciously and even if they realize they prefer to talk about them with their female friends and never let them know to their male partners.

By understanding the women view about sex it will become much easier for you to take your relationship with your girlfriend to the next level and make her to spread legs for you and ONLY YOU. Additionally, you can use this information to improve your sexual relationship with your girlfriend or wife.

Let’s start discovering these secrets:

Secret #1 – Women Want To Feel Comfortable Before Having Sex:

how women view sexEveryone knows that men are happy to have sex with the woman he meets last night doesn’t matter if he is physically attract to her or not. Even some men are so desperate to have sex that they don’t want to physically attract with woman before having sex with her.

Alternatively, women want to spend as much time as possible in building attraction with her man before going to bedroom. Emotionally healthy women are not ready to have sex without building attraction. All women love sex but they are prone to consider risk before having sex.

It is important to understand here we are talking about women with high value and emotionally healthy. Not about those girls who meet with man in nightclub, barely say ‘hello’ and take them to hotel, bathroom or home for sex. For these girls society has a word ‘slut’ – This is ‘society’ word, not mine.

The bottom line is emotionally healthy women with high value needs to feel comfortable before they allow man to enter them. For most women at least 2 dates are required to feel comfortable while some women take more time.

Attraction can build in seconds but comfort takes some time. Women need to build attraction and comfort both before having sex. This is the reason you should allow enough time and make your girl feel comfortable with you before asking her for some fun in bed.

Secret #2 – Women Want Sex With One Good Man:

RelationshipEvery emotionally healthy and high value woman wants to have one good man in her life, wants to settle in and have great family with him.

Although there are some women who claim to love sex and sleep with different men every night but truly these women don’t love sex instead they sleep with new man every night just to seek validation – to feel wanted.

You have to remain stay away from these women if you want healthy sexual relationship.

However, emotionally healthy women who say they want to live single for a time being truly desire to have one good man in their life who makes them feel attractive, comfortable and yes have fun with them in bedroom.

Emotionally healthy women prefer one good man instead of new men every night because of different reason.

Firstly, they don’t want society to label them ‘slut’ and lost all respect from their friends and peers. Interestingly, society view women very differently who love to have sex with new man every night. Even many men believe sex is manly thing and it is for man only.

Secondly, women want to connect with man on emotional level and they know they can’t able to connect emotionally by sleeping with new man every night. This is the reason most women prefer having sex with one man at a time instead of sleeping with different man every night.

Once a man understands these two reasons why women prefer one man at a time then he will understand the importance of remaining committed with single woman and also realize women who claim to love sex (and back their claim by sleeping with new man every night) have no social value and they are only make fool of themselves.

Secret #3 – Women Want Man to Instigate Sex:

breakupOnce you will understand why women want man to instigate sex you will open up a whole new potential for yourself. But the men who don’t understand this will remain confuse as the women they date.

When a man is in happy, satisfying, committed and deeply sexual relationship with a woman then it is possible she may instigate sex. For example when he arrives home from a long day at work she may pick her up by surprise, hold his hand and leads him to bedroom for some fun.

This seems to be highly possible if he sends some naughty emails and text whilst at work but still you argue he instigate sex by sending naughty texts that make his woman to fantasizing all day long.

Truly speaking such events happen very rarely, your woman wants you to pick her and leads her to the bedroom. When she is ‘cleaning plates’ after dinner she wants you to grab her from back, kiss her and say something naughty in her ears that will get her ‘in the mood’.

Similarly once in a while, she wants you to take her to the long drive, stop car in discreet and ask her for blowjob. Every woman wants to feel this way but they want their man to instigate sex.


In the end I would like to say there is a huge difference between an emotionally healthy and high social value woman than woman who sleeps with different want everyday just to show she loves sex.

If you want to create strong, happy, deeply sexual relationship then always stay away from women that have zero social value. Try to remain committed with single woman and soon you will see her taking you to bedroom and spreading legs for you. Never forget it will take time as emotionally healthy women don’t see fun in sleeping with new man every night. They have to feel attract and comfort both before they will let you inside them.

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