How To Select The Right Kind of Woman To Have Sexual Relationship With

Hot Romantic RelationshipThis post is important for every man who wants to have happy, fulfilling and ‘wildly sexual relationship’ with a woman…

Before starting this post I want to warn you that some of the things that I am going to say about men, women and sexual relationship may hurt your belief.

I am completely ok with it…

Just because you are reading this post I assume that you want to become great lover and want to get more fulfilling relationship.

Once you complete reading this post you will get all the information about:

How to Find Right Kind of Women To Have Sexual Relationship With…

The information you will get from this post will help you doesn’t matter either you are single or in the relationship.

If you are single then this post will provide you all tools that you need to have to find right woman to have happy, fulfilling and wildly sexual relationship with. However, if you are in relationship then this post will show you why you don’t have as magical relationship as you wanted it to be…

So, let’s get to the point.

The Biggest Mistake A Man Can Make:

A man makes numerous mistakes thought out his life. Sometime he learns from his mistakes and sometime he keeps on committing same mistake again and again. For a man with higher values relationship is the most important thing for him even bigger than money.

If a man is doing mistake and he is learning from them then it is the recipe of success but if he is not learning and committing same mistakes again and again then his life will become hell.

When it comes to relationship then men make lots of mistake but in this post I am going to cover the biggest mistake that man makes in his life.

The biggest mistake is,

Selecting Wrong Women For Happy And Fulfilling Sexual Relationship

You may be thinking there are lots of mistakes that man make in the relationship then why selecting wrong women is above them all?

This is because,

Problems, arguments and fights start when man realizes he selects wrong woman for relationship. Ask any male who broke relationship in past and you will get answers something like:

  • I was stressed
  • I feel unfulfilled
  • I was not getting the amount or quality of sex I wanted to have
  • I feel trapped

Well, these are the kind of feelings that no man wanted to have. I belief that if you want to deal with the problems in your life then you don’t have to fix its symptoms instead you have to fix its root cause.

And if I ask you to find the root cause of all these terrible feelings then you all will answer ‘the wrong woman’. So, if you don’t want to suffer from any or all of these feelings then you have to select right women.

If you now want me to share tips on how to find the right women then continue reading this post because in the next section I have shared 3 signs that will tell you if she is bad news or she is wonderful for you.

3 Signs That She Is Bad News…

negative girlBefore showing you 3 signs that she’s bad news for you, let me tell you that this list is not exhaustive. You will find some women that have qualities that you don’t like. However if you meet with any woman who has one of these signs that I am going to show then it means that she is not the right candidate for fulfilling wildly sexual relationship.

It doesn’t mean she will never able to have fulfilling sexual relationship, but it mean she is currently not ready for the relationship that you want to have. Some women never able to get ready, while some women get ready just in time while others get ready much earlier in their life in late teenage and early twenties.

The problem is if you select wrong woman for the relationship then you will only end up by becoming her Mr. Fix and keep on solving his problems.

Without much ado, let take a look on 3 signs that she is bad news…

Sign #1 – She’s Negative:

Sometime in our life we all made negative comment about some news, people, companies, services etc but this scenario is completely different.

I am talking about people who manage to find negative thing from everything. If you find such woman then stay far away from her because she will never encourage you in anything you do at later stages of your relationship.

Sign #2 – She Doesn’t Like Her Body:

You may heard statements like “I wish to have more volume in my hairs”, “I want to have smaller waist”, “I wish to have bigger boobs”, “I wish to have bigger butts/legs like xyz celebrities” etc from my women.

But when you are selecting woman for sexual relationship then you don’t have to look on these statements instead you should check if woman likes her complete body because you will trouble having satisfying relationship with woman who doesn’t like her body.

Sign #3 – She’s Needy and Possessive:

You can only create wildly sexual relationship with a woman who is not needy and possessive. If she is calling you numerous times when you are hanging out with your friends then it is a clear sign that he is bad news for you.

I know many men are living with these types of women and they are feeling trapped in the relationship with lousy sex. Stay far away from these women.

3 Signs That She Is Wonderful…

Wonderful GirlIn this section I am going to show you 3 signs that will tell you the woman you are potentially talking is wonderful. These women are wonderful for having great, satisfying and fulfilling wild sexual relationship.

Here are these 3 signs

Sign #1 – She is Intelligent:

If you are dating with the girl and found she is intelligent then don’t waste any much time because she is wonderful for you. It is proven that intelligent women tend to become better friends, fiancée and wives. Take a help from my post that explain how intelligent women view sex.

However this sounds completely different to many men

Because in TV, magazines and movies it is portrayed that the sexual women are those who are boring in their teenage life.

The truth is when it comes to female sexuality, intelligence rules. This is because you can easily use techniques of Revive Her Drive to make her beg for sex.

Sign #2 – She’s Confident:

Probably the most important sign to have right woman for wildly sexual relationship is confident. Without confident woman, you can’t create sexual relationship.

This is the reason why most women prefer confident man for relationship.

Sign #3 – She’s Creative and Imaginative:

An outstanding lover can lead her girl in the bedroom through new and exciting adventures anytime they have sex together and give her powerful multiple orgasms.

For this reason you need woman that is creative and imaginative to discover new ideas and make bedroom spicy and fun.

Women with creativity and imaginatively love role play in the bedroom.

By purchasing a pair of handcuffs you will not become police officer but with these handcuffs your creative woman can surely increase the temperature in the bedroom.


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